Strategic Sourcing is a powerful offering to help companies in all industries save money.

Strategic sourcing is a systematic process of identifying and
selecting suppliers for goods and services that a company
needs to operate.
The goal is to optimize the supply chain, reduce costs through careful negotiation, improve the quality of goods and services and ultimately make your organization more profitable.

Save money on operating costs by downloading our free white paper "Steps to Strategic Sourcing: Your Answer to Combatting Rising Material Costs."

In this whitepaper, we’ll delve deeply into strategic sourcing, outlining the steps USC employs to make sure our clients are getting their products and services for the best price.
Key takeaways you'll gain include:
  • Learn the elements of strategic sourcing
  • Define bid list items and performance expectations
  • Identify, vet and finalize a list of potential suppliers
  • Create and launch the Request For Proposal (RFP)